Simone Simas

 Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist graduated from the Swedish Institute College of Health Science,

 with a wide range of massage techniques and methods.

Associate of Science: Massage Therapy 2011

Swedish Institute College of Health Science 

Associate of Science: Shiatsu 2012

Ohashi Shiatsu Institute 

Swedish Massage

( Western Massage )



*Postural Exercises


*Deep Tissue

*Trigger Point

*Myofascial Work

* Reflexology

Sport  Massage

*Enhance pre-event preparation 

* Reduce recovery time for maximum performance

Sports massage promotes: *Flexibility

* Reduces fatigue

* Improves endurance

* Helps prevent injuries

Shiatsu Massage

( Eastern Massage )

*Acupuncture Points

*Shiatsu Stretches

* Moxibustion Application

*Pulse Evaluation

*Tongue Evaluation

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